If you don’t ask, you don’t get it

​I remember the day, three years back, my chemistry class was going on. The chapter was ‘Basic Chemistry’, and looking my querying face anybody could predict that the basic itself was out of mind. Every question that the teacher asked, went over my head. Finally, the teacher noticed it. The last thing I remembered her walking straight to me.
She pinched my ear, and holding my ear took me to her desk in front of the class. I was feeling ashamed, but my devil lord, in that condition too I was laughing like don’t know what I have achieved. I was just thinking, god, make her not to beat me in front of the class. 
“What is the problem with you? Whole notebook is empty. And still shameless fellow sitting their laughing like fool!” Though she didn’t beat me but made e a reason for mock in the class.
“Mam, I didn’t understand how to calculate the very first step of these numerical,” I replied. 
“So this is the problem,” she put in without letting me complete my sentence. She asked me to bring my notebook and taught me solve the numerical. It was first time when I came to know actually how easy the questions were. She made me do the second numerical and surprisingly I did it. 
“There wasn’t anything hard in that. It was you who have made it hard for you. Its just about asking. If you don’t ask it, you don’t get it.”  


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