Don’t Quit| Do it

Time never stop, so why we?

Being ashamed of failure, I sat in my room, locked up in murk with all the lights off. I looked at the corner of the room and found my doppelganger their. I was surprised to see him guffawing at me, which angered me. 

“Why the hell are you guffawing?” I cried.
“I am laughing at you, moron,” he replied mockingly.
“Today I failed to complete the project,” said I, “My teacher quarreled at me, my classmates laughed at me and now you too are laughing at me!”
“Theirs difference in between their laugh and mine,” he said.
“What it can be?” I thought.
“Let’s clear it to you,” he resumed noticing me thinking. “You know they laughed at you because you failed and was scolded but I’m laughing because you quitted.”
“What!” I put in.
Noticing me confused he stood and went near to the window and opened it. He showed me a bird who was building her nest on the tree infront of my house.
“You know that today it rained heavily,” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Her nest was wrecked in the rain,” he said. “But now when the weather is good, she is rebuilding it. Now, imagine if after her nest was wrecked, she would have sat their quitting, thinking she failed. But no, she decided not to accept her failure, she spread her wings and get on the work. Likely today you didn’t failed, but it was your time and situation that failed you. But remember time never stop, so why you? Learn never to quit. Now, open the door, move out of this murkiness and spread your wings and get on your work and remember “Don’t quit, Do it.”


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