People don’t cry but soul feels

‚ÄčI had a kind if ego that I can’t cry but don’t know what happened today my soul said let’s cry today. Why? I too don’t knew.
I tried gazing at a point for long, tears came in my eyes but my soul wasn’t satisfied. It said, that’s fake, its just tears, that isn’t crying.

I watched sad videos, I read sad stories, and many more stuff but they failed to make me cry.

Finally when I was exhausted, my soul asked me, “Why you need to cry?”
“Because you desired,” I replied.

“Means you desired to cry.”

“You desired. I didn’t.”

“Means you find me different from you,” said the soul. “I’m surprised that you isn’t ready to accept you as you and you think you can’t cry.”

I just gazed at my soul surprisingly.

“You cry because your soul can feel. Your ego, its because you have satisfied your body, but what about your soul. When you aren’t ready to consider me how will you feel and will know why others cry. Its not that others overreact but its just that you can’t feel,” he added.

Don’t know why, a drop of tear fell from my eyes and I felt myself satisfied. 


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