Life is not a Race

Life is not a Race, rather it is a journey

I heard people saying, ‘life is race, run or get terminated’.
I too ran, and at last I finished and won it.

But the moment I finished,

I saw another track longing from that spot, 

Which led to the whole new level.

I again started running on the next track.

And luckily,I won it too.

But the moment I finished,

I saw a third track to the higher level.

But by the time, I was exhausted.

I thought of taking break for a moment,

But when I saw my competitors getting ahead of me,

Knowing that I was incapable of, I continued my race.

But reaching somewhere in between of the track,

My body stopped supporting me and soon I was down.

I went to my home, sat on the settee and start wondering about my two great victory.

But I was unsatisfied because of my loss in third race.

I started cursing my body for my loss.

I was completely embarrassed of my performance.

I forgot the two victories,

But what I remember was my one loss.

One day, I took my bicycle and went out to visit my aunt, pedaling slowly.

But on the way, i saw some children playing,

They were laughing, they were happy.

I started thinking what they have achieved that made them so happy?

Then I saw a little boy standing aside glaring at me.

I was burst into laughter, looking at his cute angry face.

I forgot my victory, I forgot my loss too.

I just kept pedaling slowly with grin on my face.

Many people went past me, saw me grinning.

I am sure they must have thought me mad.

But they didn’t noticed, how happy I was at that very moment.

That day I learnt that people will laugh at you seeing you moving slowly and grinningly,

But they will never come to know about the reason behind your grin.

Life is not about racing, its all about enjoying the journey.


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