Once and All..1

​I broke my specs.. 

After getting new one I said looking at the statue of almighty, “Now I can see you..”

Suddenly, I felt a voice echoing.

“A blind will see me but you will never.”

“But why?” I asked.

“Because you tried to find me with your vision,” he replied. “You think you can see me with your eyes open but still failed to understand the purpose for what I gave you the heart.”

And the voice faded.

I kept on searching for it but failed for once and all.


If you don’t ask, you don’t get it

​I remember the day, three years back, my chemistry class was going on. The chapter was ‘Basic Chemistry’, and looking my querying face anybody could predict that the basic itself was out of mind. Every question that the teacher asked, went over my head. Finally, the teacher noticed it. The last thing I remembered her walking straight to me.
She pinched my ear, and holding my ear took me to her desk in front of the class. I was feeling ashamed, but my devil lord, in that condition too I was laughing like don’t know what I have achieved. I was just thinking, god, make her not to beat me in front of the class. 
“What is the problem with you? Whole notebook is empty. And still shameless fellow sitting their laughing like fool!” Though she didn’t beat me but made e a reason for mock in the class.
“Mam, I didn’t understand how to calculate the very first step of these numerical,” I replied. 
“So this is the problem,” she put in without letting me complete my sentence. She asked me to bring my notebook and taught me solve the numerical. It was first time when I came to know actually how easy the questions were. She made me do the second numerical and surprisingly I did it. 
“There wasn’t anything hard in that. It was you who have made it hard for you. Its just about asking. If you don’t ask it, you don’t get it.”  

Don’t Quit| Do it

Time never stop, so why we?

Being ashamed of failure, I sat in my room, locked up in murk with all the lights off. I looked at the corner of the room and found my doppelganger their. I was surprised to see him guffawing at me, which angered me. 

“Why the hell are you guffawing?” I cried.
“I am laughing at you, moron,” he replied mockingly.
“Today I failed to complete the project,” said I, “My teacher quarreled at me, my classmates laughed at me and now you too are laughing at me!”
“Theirs difference in between their laugh and mine,” he said.
“What it can be?” I thought.
“Let’s clear it to you,” he resumed noticing me thinking. “You know they laughed at you because you failed and was scolded but I’m laughing because you quitted.”
“What!” I put in.
Noticing me confused he stood and went near to the window and opened it. He showed me a bird who was building her nest on the tree infront of my house.
“You know that today it rained heavily,” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Her nest was wrecked in the rain,” he said. “But now when the weather is good, she is rebuilding it. Now, imagine if after her nest was wrecked, she would have sat their quitting, thinking she failed. But no, she decided not to accept her failure, she spread her wings and get on the work. Likely today you didn’t failed, but it was your time and situation that failed you. But remember time never stop, so why you? Learn never to quit. Now, open the door, move out of this murkiness and spread your wings and get on your work and remember “Don’t quit, Do it.”

Are today’s generation in India boycotting their culture?

​Nowadays, when I tends to show my interest in Indian mythology like Ramayana and Mahabharata, I find very few people supporting me otherwise rest I find them cracking joke on me, calling me old-fashioned and whatsoever. Is it that what makes me avoid myself from the mythologies?

When an elder person has hymn in their playlist or on their mouth they are a considered normal but why I feel ashamed of keeping those hymns either in my playlist or on my lips? It’s not that I don’t like them, actually I love them but I tend to skip them in front of my age group. 

I don’t say that Hindus are not religious anymore. I can see people gathering in mass at the rituals. But why i see people those who gathers giving more importance to showoffs then the rituals?

I don’t know about the foreigners but I am ashamed that these thing are happening in India. People knows India to be rich in its beautiful culture but where is its sweet essences getting lost?

At last I can only conclude saying that either those mythologies failed to prove and preach the truths and virtues in them or Hindus are ashamed of accepting their gods. Literally saying I don’t care if you believe in God or not, it depends on you but if you are boycotting your mythologies you might be at the edge of boycotting your culture and ideals because in future there won’t be anything to memorize you of your truth and ideals. Talking about ‘anybody’, that depends completely on you that you choose to be influenced by vices or virtues..!!